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The Magick Mooncat Cafe Mission

We are currently in manifestation mode…….

Please support us in our vision by subscribing to our website below for updates and pop up events until we find a purrment location……..Coming to Magick Mooncat Cafe doesn’t only have to do with drinking coffee, it’s about being able to share fun and quality time with faithful and tender animal friends. That’s why we make sure that even the tiniest of creatures have a reserved seat at our Kitten Cafe. The best part about it all? You’ll not only satisfy your stomach, but you’ll satisfy your soul as well.

Cat and Working
Holding Ginger Cat
Cat and Working
Curious Cat
Grey cat playing
Kid Playing With Cat
Cats on the Street

Opening Hours

By Reservation Only until soft Opening

M-F: 8am-8pm

Welcome to Magick Mooncat Cafe

Feeding Newborn Kitten
Kitten Playing with a Toy Mouse
Cat Resting
Hugging Birman Cat
Cat Cuddles
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